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  • 2022-2023 – “Green Reporters”: a project supported by the EU Erasmus+ program

The ‘Green Reporters’ project, supported by the EU Erasmus+ program (‘Small-scale partnerships in youth’ Action, 2021 Call) is addressed to young people, students in fields related to the environmental and social sciences, young workers or unemployed people, aged 18 to 30, based in Italy and in Greece. The project aims to train young participants so that they develop skills and competencies in environmental communication and journalism, while becoming aware of crucial environmental issues of our times and policy responses. Through an active learning process, based on an interdisciplinary approach and a peer-to-peer learning process, participants will be accompanied to start acting as ‘Green Reporters’, by designing and creating by themselves communication material on environment.

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  • 2016-2019 – “ETRES”: a project supported by the European Union Erasmus+ program

Polis participated as a partner in the project ‘ETRES’ (‘European Educational & Training Resources for Environment & Sustainability’ – https://etreserasmus.eu), supported by the European Union within the framework of the Erasmus + program. The ‘ETRES’ partners, coming from 4 European countries, created a set of educational material in 4 languages, available for use here from educators and trainers across Europe.  The project aimed to provide support for the action of educators accompanying citizens groups involved in action for the ecological transition, through a partnership between four European countries.
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  • Polis: research and action for Environmental Education since 1996

Since its creation, in 1996, Polis has participated in numerous international research and action projects, involving partners from all continents: editing of an international news bulletin distributed in 60 countries (1996-2001), the ‘Charter of Human Responsibilities’ (2004-2010), the ‘Forum on Ethics and Responsibility’ (2011-2014), the ‘Alliance for Responsible and Sustainable Societies’ (2015-2017), as well as several projects supported by the European Union.
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  • A debate on sustainable development

Over the years ‘Environmental Education’ has been integrated in the broader thematics of the ‘Education for Sustainable Development’. However the concept of ‘sustainable development’ is highly controversial.
Click here to acces texts aiming to clarify some of the numerous facets of this concept

  • An ethics of Responsibility

The value of responsibility is a pivotal concept, the backbone of the ethics of the twenty-first century. Polis team has led rechearch project on this issue et has been producting educational material for children and adults aiming to raise awareness on our shared responsibility for the environment (publishing of books, of fairy tales, articles on the web, presentations in conference proceedings).
Click here to acces these educational material and articles on responsibility.

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